Pulse Jet Candle Filter

Pulse Jet Candle Filter

Pulse Jet Candle Filter

Pulse jet candle filter consists of candle shape filter elements made out of Equi-Diameter pipes covered with filter hose in polypropylene, polyester, nylon or PVDF. The unique candle cross section permits safe filtration while guaranteeing adherence of the filter cake to the cloth. That same characteristic is the basis for the effectiveness of the cake discharge. The unique candle design i.e. corrugated outer shape favors adherence of the cake during filtration, the concave corrugated part of the filter element helps to adhere higher surface area during compression and thus helps to secure the cake through filter cloth it enters the central tube through the slots over the peripheral tubes. The equi-diameter pipe allow a downward flow of the filtrate by which it facilitates the pressurised rise of the filtrate through the central tube to the outlet registers.

Number of candles depends on filtration area of filter. Filtration and cake formation takes place under the pressure. Wet or dry discharge is possible by means of blow back. For continuous operation two filters are installed.

Filtration area : 5m2 to 220m2.

Area of Application

Food & Beverages

Catalyst Recovery

Petrochemical & Fine Chemical

Dyes & Pigments